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Review Of The Secret Rules Of Publishing

If you’re serious, and I do mean SERIOUS about wanting to get your book published, then this book is a MUST READ. I don’t say that about very many things online, but this is one of them. I would venture to say that this will someday be looked at as the book publishing bible. It is THAT good.

Okay, let’s get right down to the meat. What’s in it?

First of all, the author, Donnie Sozie, struggled for 7 horrible years before she finally figured this nightmare of a business out. So she is speaking from experience. As she simply puts it, there are only 3 things needed to get your book published…a great manuscript, the guts to make it happen, and inside information. Okay, she can’t give you 1 and 2. If you can’t write and don’t have any guts, this book is probably a waste of your time. You need to have a solid product to sell and the guts to do what’s needed.

Having said that, the book, as far as the info you need, reveals a killer presentation letter that will make the publisher completely forget that you’re a first time author. You MUST see this to believe it. That’s what I call guts.

Donna also goes over the 11 most common mistakes that authors make when trying to get a book published. If you’ve tried in the past, I’m sure you’ll find about 5 or 6 of these on your own personal list…if not more.

Donna also shows you how to tap into the commercial aspects of your book in order to get publishers to grab it before anybody else does. If you read any of my articles, you know that you have to convince the publisher that there is money in it for him. Donna shows you how.

Think a non fiction book won’t interest anybody? Think again. Donna shows you how to put together a proposal for a non fiction title that is almost fool proof.

Look, I could keep going all day long. Why don’t you just visit Donna’s site and see what she has to offer. I promise you, you won’t be sorry.

Here is the site

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